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...from concept to
product release

ASSIS company provides comprehensive engineering and technical support projects. We are engaged in a full cycle - from an initial idea to the production of a new technological device.


...we invent the impossible,
create a real entity 

We practice the innovative solutions, technologies and materials. We carry out an installation of high density of a modern electronic miniature element base. The experience of our colleagues allows us to perform high quality technical tasks of projects.

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...competent innovations
at any stage

We guarantee the after-sales service and post-production support of the project-product. The qualified engineering staff of our company provides technical advice on issues related to the operation of the products.

About us
Greate Stone Monument

ASSIS is the resident of the China-Belarus Industrial Park "Great Stone".

The company's field of activity is aimed at implementing relevant projects in the sphere of the electronic components application, as well as LED (LED) and optical technologies.

The development of the China-Belarus Industrial Park and the measures taken to improve the special legal regime of activity on its territory allowed us to review our long-term plans and take a decision to create the company ASSIS.

The international experience gained by the company's employees, the market trends in engineering solutions in the field of the electronic components application, LED and optical technologies, confirmed the correctness of the decision.

Greate Stone Belarus Building

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The company carries out complex engineering for innovative projects. It creates the production of miniature electronic boards with components installed according to international IPC standards.

Steps of project development

#1 — Idea evaluation

It includes market research as well as technical and technological capabilities and customer requests. The main goal of this step is to identify and correctly formulate the needs and tasks.

#2 — Project design

This step is for development of the object mathematical description and its further investigation. So you can get technical characteristics and parameters before creating prototypes and make timely adjustments.

#3 — Components selection

We cooperate with major suppliers of electronic components and equipment. There are no barriers for us in the supply of exclusive products for any customer needs.

#4 — Prototypes production

A prototype is created in accordance with all the claimed requirements and must perform all the functions stipulated by the drawings and technical specification. It should be a copy of the finished product and correspond to the customer's parameters.

#5 — Testing

Testing is primarily aimed at identifying inconsistencies in the product of the declared functionality before mass production. The test results also make it clear what can be improved in the production version.

#6 — Serial production and support

After the equipment delivery we provide technical support with the departure of qualified specialists, develop technological processes and carry out commissioning work.

...Great stone — great opportunities

The China-Belarus Industrial Park is an area of 112.5 square kilometers with a special legal regime for comfortable business conditions. The park is located 25 kilometers from Minsk. There is a convenient logistics location in addition to the unique nature of the important feature of the complex. The international airport and railways and the transnational motorway Moscow-Berlin are laid in close proximity of the Great Stone. The presence of a developed and modern warehouse and customs infrastructure created with the participation of the world's largest logistics company, China Merchants Group, optimizes the movement of goods and the conduct of export-import procedures.

Residential complexes with developed infrastructure are already built to ensure comfortable conditions for doing business and life. Office and shopping and entertainment complexes, financial and research centers are being planned in addition to production zones on the park territory. Already we can say that modern international eco-city with an emphasis on high-tech and competitive innovation productions is being built now. The project is being developed within the framework of the China-Belarus intergovernmental cooperation according to intergovernmental agreements. The state has created a favorable investment climate for industrial park residents as guaranteed by the national law, special international agreements and obligations. The Industrial Park provides unprecedented for our region tax and customs benefits and preferences.

...The future is not so far as it seems to be

Extensive knowledge in the field of design, installation, selection of the necessary technological equipment, in the field of the design of the radio electronic industry and design technologies along with a broad outlook in the field of marketing of the modern element base allow us to implement projects. We assist in the selection of equipment, its delivery, installation, start-up and subsequent configuration and training of the customer's personnel. Work is being carried out to bring the products to serial production by our specialists’ forces.